Curriculum Vitae


2012 – 2000:

Photography, space installation, video art, mixed media.
Free collaborations (temp.)
Membership: Alliance of German Designers – AGD
Free co-operations: space installation
Relocation: Salach (Württ.)
The work for national publishing companies becomes international.
Relocation: Bonn
Free assistance / advertising photographer
Photographer [chamber of crafts]
Relocation: Bad Boll
Born in 1976



Photography | Design and visual art (from photographic automatism to staged photography).

Space installation | Slide shows. Video art.

Extension | Mixed Media: Scribbles. Dioramas. Mail Art. Architectural objects and their photographic reproduction.

Main focus: Society, memetics, science. Web 2.0, hyphenated identities. Precious metal markets, security technology. Faith and mythology with reference to the present.

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